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          Solicitor: Includes any itinerant vendor of merchandise who shall go from door to door or from house to house in this township selling, causing to be sold, offering for sale or causing to be offered for sale, or taking orders for present or future delivery of merchandise of any description whatsoever. This includes persons going from door to door for the purpose of collecting alms, orders or subscriptions or making canvasses or surveys or other solicitations including opinion polls and the like or other type of solicitations.


          The procedures set forth below apply to those individuals seeking to acquire a permit to act as a solicitor, as defined above, within the Township of Evesham. Individuals wishing to act in the capacity of a Peddler or Transient Merchant as defined in the Township Code shall make application to the Township Clerk.

          Individuals soliciting on behalf of charitable organizations, civic organizations, religious organizations and churches, may do so without a permit provided that they notify the on-duty Watch Commander of the following: the purpose of the solicitation, the identity of the organization represented and the dates and places on which they intend to solicit.

Persons seeking a permit to solicit goods, services or other articles of value may make application for a permit to be issued by the Chief of Police of the Evesham Township Police Department or his/her authorized designee. Applications for Solicitor’s permits are to be processed as follows:      

  1. Applicants are to be presented with a copy of the Evesham Township Police Department Solicitor’s Registration Packet. The packet will include the following:
  1. Evesham Township Police Department Solicitor’s Application
  2. Information regarding fees
  3. Application Form/Fingerprinting MorphoTrak *
  4. Information regarding characteristics leading to denial of the

          Solicitor’s Permit

  1. Evesham Township Police Department Solicitor’s Release Authorization
  1. *Fingerprinting - Fee is $40.70

(See MorphoTrust Application LOCAL ORDINANCE Form for further details)                                                                                    

Evesham Township Police Department personnel will give you the application from MorphoTrak that contains the information regarding the fingerprinting procedure. You will need to obtain a Case Number from Evesham Township Police personnel before you make the appointment to be fingerprinted by MorphoTrak. (See Evesham Township Police personnel for more information regarding this)

Be sure to read the form carefully as to the procedure and the fee/payment method that is required for this service.

  1. Evesham Police Solicitor’s Registration/Application Form: Please return to the Evesham Township Police Department along with a certified check or money order in the amount of $25.00 payable to Evesham Township. Also applicants are required to provide two (2) passport size photographs to Evesham Township Police Department.
  1. Upon receiving satisfactory results from MorphoTrak regarding fingerprint checks, the Chief of Police shall issue a Permit to Solicit. Permits to Solicit shall expire one (1) year from the date of issuance. The Chief of Police shall refuse to grant a permit in all cases where the applicant or further investigation at the Chief of Police’s discretion shows that the applicant is not of good character or that he/she is canvassing, soliciting or distributing for a project not free from fraud or that the applicant has been convicted of a crime.
  1. The Chief of Police may, in his or her discretion, issue the permit without receiving the results of the records check. However, the Chief of Police may withdraw or revoke the permit under the following conditions:
  1. Receipt of information from a law enforcement or criminal justice agency, which would prohibit the issuance of the permit.
  2. Refusal on the part of the applicant to comply with the rules and regulations as established in Chapter 111 of the Evesham Township Code.
  1. Applications for a Solicitor’s Permit may take approximately 60 days to

     process. Applicants will be notified when the application process is  


  1. If you have any questions regarding Solicitor Permit procedures, please call Police Records Office Manager Sonia Buehler at 856-983-4340.


Solicitor Registration

Solicitor Release Authorization 


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