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Pillar Six - Officer Safety and Wellness

    In this pillar, the Task Force focused on many of the issues that impact and are impacted by officer wellness and safety, focusing on strategies in several areas: physical, mental, and emotional health; vehicular accidents; officer suicide; shootings and assaults; and the partnerships with social services, unions, and other organizations that can support solutions.

ETPD Action on Pillar Six

In 2015 ETPD, the Evesham Police Department created one of the first Officer Safety and Wellness Programs in the country to assist our staff in daily with daily stressors of being a police officer. The 360 Wellness Committee oversees our program. The ETPD was first agency in the area to mandate one-on-one personal visits with a police trained psychologist. We also implemented a mandatory physical fitness test and created a wellness program comprised of various members of our police department. The 360 Wellness Committee program incorporates ongoing training and commitment to physical fitness, psychological and mental well-being, resiliency, nutrition, spiritual, sleep, diet discussions.
The demands of the law enforcement profession can be emotionally difficult and demanding. These demands expose the men and women of law enforcement to the risk of experiencing stress and related emotional difficulties. An employee assistance program has been created to assist employees who are suffering from problems or issues that tend to jeopardize the employee’s psychological and/or physical well-being. In extreme situations, these issues may present a danger to the welfare and safety of the individual officer, their family, the general public or co-workers.
In 2019, the Evesham Police Department provided our members with three free Employee Assistance Program visits to our police trained psychologist to assist with any personal or professional issues before they manifest into significant personal/professional. The agency also provided forums for family members to attend to understand some of the responsibilities and roles of a police officer in Evesham Township.
This directive is designed to help employees who have developed problems by providing services for consultation, treatment and rehabilitation in order to prevent their condition from progressing to a degree that it will prevent the individual from functioning effectively in the workplace.
In 2018, the Evesham Police Department created its first ever Below 100 Officer Safety training curriculum. The Mission of the Below 100 Program is to reduce line-of-duty deaths to fewer than 100 per year. (Not seen since 1943.) The Vision of the Program is to eliminate preventable line-of-duty police deaths and serious injuries through compelling common-sense training designed to focus on areas under an officer’s control. The Program’s Values Statement is to Honor the fallen by training the living. ETPD’s Approach is to target areas under an officer’s control that are known to result in death or injury. ETPD’s Focus is on Driving, safety equipment, situational awareness and decision making. These areas have been identified by law enforcement experts as being disproportionately responsible for preventable line-of-duty deaths and serious injuries.
The below 100 Officer Safety Program is based off of Five Tenants:
1. Always wear your seatbelt.
2. Always wear your ballistic vest.
3. Always watch your speed when driving a patrol vehicle.
4. WIN- What’s important now!
5. Remember- complacency kills.
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