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The Evesham Police Department offers vacation house checks as a complimentary service to the citizens of Evesham.  The Evesham Police Department will conduct periodic checks of your residence while you are out of town, for a period of up to 21 days.

This program has been tremendously successful over the years.  It provides the Police Department an extra set of eyes in our neighborhoods to look after the homes of our residents who are on vacation- an all too common target for burglars.  It also provides you, the homeowner, some extra peace of mind so you can focus on enjoying your vacation, having a successful business trip, or whatever takes you away from home, instead of worrying about how things are back at your house.

Lets work together to prevent break-ins while you are away on vacation.

It is recommended that Evesham residents follow these simple steps in order to better safeguard their home.

For instance;
• Have good locks on all doors and windows and use them.
• Make sure your residence looks lived in, not empty.
• Leave shades and blinds in a normal position.
• Ask a neighbor to watch your residence while you’re away. 
• Test your smoke and burglar alarms.
• Stop all deliveries, arrange for a neighbor to pick up your mail, newspaper and packages.
• Have a neighbor place garbage cans at the curb on your normal pickup day(s) and return them after the garbage pickup is made.
• Plug in timers to turn lights and a radio or television on and off at appropriate times.
• Don’t announce your absence on answering machines or your social media sites
• Close and lock garage doors and windows. Park a car in your driveway or ask a neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway.
• Consider taking valuables to a bank safety deposit box.
• Ask the Evesham Police to place your home on their vacation check list.

The Evesham Township Police Department offers vacation checks, at the homeowner's request, to better serve the needs of our community. 

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