The Evesham Police Department hosts Substance Abuse Forum.  This is an adult only event, minors are not be permitted to attend.

The program will include the below topics, specifically related to Evesham Township.
• Vaping (e-cigarettes) trends and samples of products being seized. 
• LEAD, Straight to Treatment & Not Even Once Program- the history of the programs and identified goals. 
• Current Drug Trends locally and nationally- Evesham Municipal Alliance Coordinator Joe Conlin.
• Hidden in Plain Sight- Interactive room designed to show parents areas where children might conceal substance use. They are an outside vendor that was paid for by the Evesham Township Police Foundation.

There are informational booths, along with group and discreet question and answer sessions. The event allows ETPD to provide our Evesham Parents with as much information as possible on the Latest drug trends, How they do it, and How they hide it.


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