This Evesham Police initiative will serve as a tremendous deterrent to those who commit theft and burglary not only in one community, but across the entire county. Additionally, the value of marking property will greatly assist officers when they recover property they believe to be stolen.
The DNA Home Asset Marking Program enables home and business owners to mark property with a unique and invisible plant based DNA specific to the owner. The DNA mark on the property is easily identifiable by law enforcement utilizing ultraviolet light. The DNA mark is nearly impossible to remove. Homeowners who mark personal property with the plant based DNA are supplied signs and window decals warning would be intruders that their property is marked with plant based DNA.
The program was created by Applied DNA Sciences in Stony Brook, NY and has shown amazing results of between 50% to 80% of property crime reduction in various implementations around the world.
Applied DNA Sciences manufactures a permanent, invisible liquid (DNAnet) that contains a unique plant based botanical DNA signature that comes in a small bottle with an applicator. 
Under the DNA Home Asset Marking program, residents and home owners simply mark their valuables and vehicles with this invisible liquid. The marker can only be seen by police and is nearly impossible to remove from the items completely should a criminal make an attempt to remove the mark. If any of these items or vehicle parts are ever lost, stolen or compromised in any way, police are trained to identify the mark and send a sample back to Applied DNA Sciences where they can identify who the rightful owner of the property is. This process returns your property to you but it also connects the suspect to the location of the crime increasing criminal convictions and jail time. All of this is supported by Applied DNA Sciences Expert Witness reports from their forensic scientists in Stony Brook, NY.
This technology has been implemented overseas for several years and is now available in Evesham Township.
Evesham residents can benefit from this program in several ways:
1. Increase personal and family safety by making would-be thieves understand that your valuables are marked with DNA
2. Deter crime in your neighborhood by placing the appropriate signage on your doors and windows creating a DPA or DNA Protected Area
3. Enjoy potential home insurance discounts based on this risk reducing police supported initiative
DNAnet Home Asset Marking Kits are $69.95 and can mark up to 150 valuables. There are no annual fees to home owners and program training and authentications are free to the police department for the life of the program. You can purchase your own DNAnet Asset Marking Kit at WWW.ADNAS.COM/BUY.