Evesham Township officials are proud to announce a DWI/DUI prevention program called “Evesham Saving Lives”.
This cutting edge initiative is focused on preventing residents and visitors to our township from operating a motor vehicle while under influence of alcohol and/or drugs. This initiative is fully funded by state grants and donations from various community based civic organizations.

“The goal of this bold initiative is promote the prevention of township residents and visitors who patronize Evesham Township bars and restaurants with alternative options to get home safely. By providing these alternatives to Evesham residents, we hope to make a positive impact in our community and strive to save the lives of every person who resides and visits our prestigious township. I believe this pilot program will ultimately save lives, save money and will continue to make Evesham Township the safest place to visit, shop and call home”, stated Mayor Randy Brown.

“This bold initiative further solidifies our township’s dedication to eradicate DWI/DUI offenses by providing an alternative to safely get home. Our police department is committed to dedicating our resources in DWI/DUI prevention efforts, along with our ongoing proactive apprehension initiatives. I firmly believe this commitment will have a significant impact in decreasing the amount of DWI/DUI crashes and fatalities that occur each year.

I am proud to state that as a result of our organization’s unwavering commitment in DWI/DUI detection and apprehension efforts, our township has investigated zero alcohol related crash fatalities since 2009”, stated Chief Christopher Chew.
This program is supported by Uber, BeMyDD, MADD, Marlton Business Association and Evesham Celebrations Foundation.

Through June 1st anyone in Evesham or Voorhees Township will be provided a free Pick Up Service from any in town liquor establishment 7 days a week, from the time of 9pm-2am. Your pick up and drop off addresses must have a Marlton or Voorhees zip code in order to get free services. Uber and BeMyDD will provide all rides.and BeMyDD will provide all rides.

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