The Evesham Township Police Department hosts a week long Junior Police Academy day camp. The purpose of the Junior Police Academy is to provide young citizens with an Introduction to Law Enforcement.
Our goal is to motivate young people to be outstanding citizens and empower them to act as a positive influence in our community. It will also transform the traditional role of the police officer into a mentor and a friend, while encouraging our young citizens to be partners in building safer schools and communities.

What to expect at the academy:

The Junior Police Academy will cover a multitude of topics including, History of Law Enforcement, Social Media, Gangs, Motor Vehicle Law, DWI Enforcement, Teens and Drug Use, Crime Scene and Evidentiary Processing, Active Shooter Scenarios, and a K-9 demonstration. We will begin each day with an hour of light physical training and military drill.

Qualifications / Requirements

Must be Evesham Township Resident

Must be 11 – 14 years old

Must be recommended by a sponsor (High School Principal / Guidance Department, Law Enforcement agency, a community representative, coach, or religious leader.)

Must be in good academic standing

Must be able to participate in physical fitness activities

Must be able to participate in a structured program

Have no criminal background