Mission Statement

“Protect, serve and enhance the quality of life of all citizens by providing a progressive and diverse police department through a dedicated, ethical and virtuous work force”.
Core Values:
Integrity - To be trusted by the public and seen as honest, sincere and virtuous.

 Public Service - To enhance the quality of life for all Evesham residents by providing timely, professional and compassionate police service.

Excellence - Committed to the highest standards in law enforcement.

Teamwork – Ensure a healthy work environment that encourages open communication, team building and mutual respect.

Fidelity - Faithfully uphold the traditions of the Evesham Township Police Department by maintaining pride in oneself, organization and our departmental mission.

Valor - Dedicated to meeting all challenges with the courage and determination needed to accomplish our mission.

Professionalism – Maintaining an educated workforce committed to integrity, accountability and self-regulation.

Compassion - Treat people with kindness, respect and courtesy while working for the common good of our community.

Honor – Exemplify the ultimate in ethical and moral behavior.

Transparent - To be accessible, open and welcoming to the public.