Officer of the Month for May

Officer Randy Molina has been a member of the Evesham Police Department for 1.5 years. Ofc. Molina is being commended for his proactive policing efforts and willingness to truly help someone in need.
* On Memorial Day weekend Ofc. Molina was flagged down by a lost motorist attempting to find Brigadier General William Doyle Memorial Cemetery to place flowers on the grave of her late husband, a WWII veteran. The motorist was distraught and had been driving for over 4 hours unable to locate the cemetery. Ofc. Molina transported the upset female in the police car to the cemetery where he assisted her in locating her late husband’s gravesite. He remained with her, helping her place the flowers on the grave. After allowing her to spend some time at the site, he transported her back to her home
* Ofc. Molina made 11 proactive arrests during the month of May, including a DWI, Narcotic Distribution Arrests and weapon offenses arrest.
Officer Molina not only remained proactive throughout the month of May making numerous self-initiated arrests, but his compassion for a distraught motorist demonstrated his willingness to truly help someone in need.