Officer of The Month for February - School Resource Officer Performs CPR and Saves Life.
Ptlm. Robert Hansbury has been a member of the Evesham Police Department for 12 years. Ofc. Hansbury is being commended for his quick life saving actions and commitment to making the township a safer place.

On February 17th, Officer Hansbury was alerted to the report of an unknown emergency in the Performing Arts Center at Cherokee High School. As one of the assigned school resource officers at Cherokee High School, he quickly arrived on location and observed a staff member that was unconscious, unresponsive, and turning blue. Officer Hansbury quickly determined the member was in cardiac arrest and needed immediate medical attention. With the help of other Cherokee staff, he was able to begin CPR. Through the CPR/AED efforts of Officer Hansbury and other Cherokee staff members which included the efforts of retired Evesham Police Detective Officer Gary Denelsbeck, the victim regained a pulse within several minutes of going unconscious. Upon arrival of ambulance personnel, the victim was smiling and joking with first responders.
Officer Hansbury is being commended for his quick response to an emergency situation and his ability to work closely with Cherokee staff in a team effort to save a staff member’s life. If not for everyone’s actions that day, the staff member would not be alive today.