Officer of the Month for April

Officer Timothy Schwartz has been a member of the Evesham Police Department for 3 years. Ofc. Schwartz is being commended for his quick actions and commitment to making the township a safer place.

In April, Officer Schwartz responded to the 400 block of Brookview Circle for a report of a burglary in progress where the suspect broke a window and entered the residence. While in route, police communications advised that two males in the home were fighting and one of the males had a handgun.

First on scene, Officer Schwartz heard a female screaming and was forced to enter the home without back-up.Once inside he found two males fighting on the ground on the second floor over a hand-gun. Officer Schwartz took quick decisive action, controlled the two males and was able to secure the firearm. Officer Schwartz maintained control of the situation by himself until back-up units arrived.

Officer Schwartz is commended for handling a extremely chaotic and volatile situation and making quick decisive decisions that resulted in an outcome where nobody was seriously injured.