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The Operations Division is composed of two bureaus headed by Captain Walt Miller. The two bureaus within the Operations Division are the Patrol Bureau and Investigative Bureau. These two Bureaus account for most of the police service directly provided to the community on a daily basis.

The Patrol Bureau as in any police agency is the backbone of our service. Officers assigned to this Bureau respond to dispatched calls through the 911 system, and through our Intelligence Lead Policing Function they direct their patrol efforts at reducing the incidents of disorder and crime. The Patrol Bureau is comprised of four Platoons of officers with a two supplemental patrol squads that provide an increase number of available police officers during the time identified as our highest need for officers based on work analysis. Each Platoon is comprised of two squads of officers each headed by a Sergeant. These officers provide round the clock police service to the Township of Evesham in a committed and effective manner.

The Investigative Bureau has a squad of detectives who are responsible for the criminal investigation of all crime that occurs within Evesham Township; their function also involves the proactive enforcement of the State’s Drug Laws. These detectives are highly trained, skilled and experienced in many advanced aspects of criminal investigation. The agency’s criminal intelligence and school resources officers are also assigned to the Investigative Bureau. The criminal intelligence unit conducts analysis of crime, traffic and police demand converting this raw data into useable intelligence products that are used by the command staff in the deployment of police services throughout the Township. The school resource officers are assigned to Cherokee High School and they provide police presence and enforcement at the school to provide a safe environment for the school community.

Captain Miller began his career in law enforcement in 1996 after his graduation from the Gloucester County Police Academy. Currently, he is a Captain with the Evesham Township Police Department, serving as the Commander of the Agency’s Operation’s Division. The Operation’s Division oversees all the operations in the Patrol Bureau, the Investigative Bureau and the School Resource Officer Program. Some of the daily operations he oversees and directs are the officers and front-line supervisors who patrol the township twenty-four hours per day, the police canine and handler unit, the detectives who investigate all crimes that occur within the township, and the officers who provide a safe school environment for our children.

During this tenure with the Evesham Police Department, he served as a Lieutenant commanding various Bureaus throughout the Agency, including Patrol, Criminal Investigative, Administrative, Support Services and Operations. Prior to his promotion to Lieutenant, he served as a Sergeant in the Criminal Investigative Bureau, a Detective, a Narcotic’s Investigator for the Burlington County Narcotic’s Task Force and the New Jersey State Police Narcotic’s Task Force Southern Division, as well as a Patrolman. Prior to his employment with the Evesham Township Police Department, he served as a Police Officer for the Amtrak Police Department, assigned to the Philadelphia Field Office. During his career he has proudly served for two Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agencies.

Captain Walt Miller holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Law/Justice from Rowan University and a Master of Administrative Science Degree from Farleigh Dickinson University. He is also a graduate of the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development Mid-Atlantic Training held at Princeton University and is a graduate of Penn State University’s Police Officer Law Enforcement Executive Training. Captain Walt Miller is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the New Jersey Chiefs of Police Association and the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development Association. He also serves as an Adjunct Professor at the Camden County College as well as at the Burlington County College.

Captain Walt Miller prides himself through his work at building those under his command into consummate professionals, while we together, make Evesham Township a great place to live, work and play.

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