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The Evesham Police Department’s Traffic Unit is comprised of highly trained law enforcement officers who have multiple responsibilities. These officers engage in high visibility patrols directed at areas within the Township of Evesham that have been determined to be traffic problematic areas. In order to enforce all laws, this group of officers is well versed in both State Law and Township Ordinances pertaining to traffic regulations. The Traffic Unit identifies dangerous roads and intersections by citizen complaints, officers’ observations, and statistical data obtained from crash reports. Through enforcement and education, traffic officers are deployed to problem areas in an attempt to curb traffic violations and prevent major vehicle crashes from occurring.

Officers assigned to this unit also investigate numerous traffic crashes to support the Police Department’s mission. Traffic officers receive advanced training in the investigation of crashes. The additional training assists the officers in handling more complex investigations.

The traffic unit is also responsible for deployment of the departmental speed/message board.  The mobile trailer is placed at target locations to inform motorists.  The board can display vehicle speed or roadway warnings.  To request this device on your roadway contact the Evesham Police Department Traffic Unit.

Click on picture to request speed warning system or make a traffic complaint. 

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