D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

The DARE program was instituted in 1983 by Former Los Angeles Police Department Chief Darryl Gates (1926-2010). DARE has been emulated by police departments across the United States and 43 other countries around the world. This program was originally developed to prevent drug abuse and has grown into many different topics. DARE NJ was founded in 1990 by Nicholas R. DeMauro (Chairman/CEO). DARE NJ is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization who’s mission is to collaborate with law enforcement, schools, parents, community and governmental agencies. DARE NJ provides leadership, guidance, direction and program materials to DARE Officers in delivering a comprehensive drug prevention curriculum and supportive programs to the State’s youth and communities.

Evesham Township started its DARE program in 1995 by Officer William Kinner and Officer Daniel Doyle. They were assigned to the DARE Unit as their full-time positions. In 2000, the full time DARE Unit was dissolved and part-time DARE officers were used. Six officers assigned to the Patrol Division taught DARE during their shifts. In 2007, the Police Department decided to reinstitute the full-time position for one officer to run the entire program. The first Officer selected was Patrolman Thomas Magee who served from 2007 until 2012. Patrolman Mike Meany served as the DARE officer from 2012 until 2013. The current DARE Officer is SLEO II William Kinner.

All Evesham Township Elementary schools have the 5th grade DARE program (including St Joan of Arc School). DARE also instructs "Safety Lessons" to all 1st through 4th grade classes throughout the school year. A new DARE program called “Keepin it Real” was instituted last year (2011) for all 7th grade classes which has received excellent feedback so far. This new program (to Evesham) is a refresher for the middle school students.

The 5th grade DARE program teaches many different topics such as:

  • Decision/choices making
  • Tobacco facts
  • Alcohol facts
  • Marijuana facts
  • Friendship Foundations
  • Peer Pressure
  • Ways to be in Charge
  • Personal Pressure Situation

During the course, there is also a drug display presentation, practical for DWI, and a written essay by each student.

Safety Tips for children:

  • Have a buddy system
  • Have a secret code word between you and your parent (warning of danger)
  • Don’t ever go anywhere with a stranger
  • Know 911, what it is for & when to call
  • Always wear a bike helmet
  • Keep your bikes locked up
  • Stay away from animals (pets) that you don’t know
  • Stay alert when riding your bike, scooter & skateboard
  • Safety Tips for Parents:
  • Keep yours vehicle doors locked
  • Know what clothing your children are wearing when they leave the house
  • Know your children’s friends and their parents
  • Always know where you kids are
  • Have contact throughout the day with your child
  • Be aware of your child’s use of the internet, television, smart phones & social media
  • Keep computers out of a child’s bedroom